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Flat Fee Budget Based Custom Home Building

Flat Fee Budget Based Custom Home Building

61760_013._ID_.jpgWe pride ourselves in NOT being the low priced contractor but the best value contractor.

We offer four budget based approaches to custom building (building your plan). Each of the following has benefits and drawbacks:

  1. Cost plus an agreed percentage.
  2. Flat Fee Budget Based Custom Home Building based upon the complexity and review of the plans and site; typically the fee will range from $10 to $14 per square foot
  3. Fixed bid
  4. If the home is being built for sale, Panterra Homes would consider joint venturing the construction of the home. Typically, from net proceeds, a pre-stipulated market value for the lot and proportionally all cash invested  would be distributed first, followed by a reasonable overhead fee to Panterra Homes, then the remainder would be split on a mutually agreed basis.

You pay only the TRUE CONSTRUCTION costs to build your home plus a Flat-Fee builder fee. It’s simple, honest, transparent and equitable. It removes all the anxiety from the budget process. Every line item goes through a competitive bid process with the results completely visible so you know exactly what it costs to build your home. We don’t use cost plus contracts so clients don’t pay needless mark ups. We don’t use time & materials contracts so clients don’t pay more because of a snails pace construction schedule. The result is a final product second to none that is ultimately worth more than you pay for!

Our projects encompass custom home building and multi family contracting, as well as home renovations. Each is fashioned with refinement and superior workmanship. Each receives the utmost attention to every detail and all our homes complement established neighborhoods.